Amped Database Management

I have been in sales basically all of my life.

The initial product was me and my music at the age of 14, but I have always been selling something. As I moved into the mortgage Industry the world began to change to a digital format, I must admit I did not step quickly into the future. I have closed thousands of mortgage transactions over the years. I kept no database and was just lucky enough that my referral base was always high and kept me busy. After learning what a great CRM can do for your business, I was completely disappointed in the opportunities I left behind. As I entered the Lead Generation business with Amped Lead Generation, I found myself entrenched in the CRM game. I was using 3 systems at once and had three large screens I looked at all day to make sure all systems were working correctly and speaking to each other. Surprise! They never did and I spent almost 5 hours a day fixing systems. I just could not find a CRM that did all I wanted to run my campaigns with form fill website connection to the CRM for auto entry, voice drop, text drips, excellent reporting, and a system that was easy to use that could also allow programming new campaigns on the fly. This is when I decided to venture out to find, or if necessary, build a CRM that could deliver an innovative custom system that was easy to use and automated. I originally built the system for my use only, but as people started to join Amped lead Generation; It was immediately evident they needed my system to maximize the Return on Investment. A great CRM must deliver a closing opportunity for the sales Rep. Simple as that. Amped Database Management is simply an amazing full-service CRM that I am proud to have, and it will deliver massive results if you use it properly.

Another factor that I decided early on was a must, was that I would personally assist the users in setting up their initial campaign, and to make sure they utilized the system to its maximum potential. What that means is that every user gets my 30 years of sales experience at their disposal for free. I help customize the text and email drips specifically for their business model. I coach them on how to get the Voice drops or slide dial working correctly and naturally for a high contact rate, and then I stay in the game for any sales strategy you have in mind. There is a full IT team on the fly for technical support on Pacific time. I must admit I have to hire people for that aspect, and they are fast and diligent to serve the Amped family.

So buy your ticket to the show before it’s SOLD OUT, and sign up today.