Amped Lead Generation

I am the President and CEO of Amped. I have been in the mortgage and real estate business for 17 years. Prior to that, I spent 8 years in the car business as a General Sales Manager, and for most of my life I have been in the music business. Amped Lead Generation is a company built with the DNA of all three industries. Amplify is a key term to our vision. In music we use amplifiers to make our instruments loud. The logo represents a key plugged into an amp to demonstrate our goal to amplify your business to the world and open doors. We have the key! After many years of door knocking, mailing letters, paying for mailers, sending emails, and begging for business, I was focused on finding a better and more efficient path to victory. What I found was that utilizing our new weapons of the internet, the sales skills I learned in the car business, my knowledge of mortgage lending and real estate, and my decades in the entertainment business of marketing and dreams, I found a deadly combination that resonates with today’s buyers.

I offer 30 years of knowledge with much success, and many lessons learned from failure, to help you grow your business with lightning fast lead generation, while avoiding the costly mistakes I have already experienced over the years. My goal is to double each partners business quickly and efficiently in our first year working together. You read that right! Amped is geared and primed to double your network, and your paycheck in the first year as a partner. You can get to the finish line faster with AMPED Lead Generation and Database Management on your team. Get some running shoes on, and call us today.