Business Executive

Rick Orozco is an eclectic individual.

He is not one to shy away from a challenge.

It is this nature that has led to so much success on different fronts. He is the President/CEO of multiple companies in multiple Industries. He opened Puro Tejas Music Publishing in 1994 and would sell 50% to EMI Nashville in 1995. He then launched Lyric Rain Entertainment, Inc and would build a music catalog with multiple hits and Grammy nominations. Latin Twang Productions, Inc was launched in 2009 for Film and music Production. He would get a Grammy Nomination as a Music producer shortly after. He produced his first film in 2012, This Is My Country, and his first book, I Got Life, in 2015. His two newest companies, where he serves as CEO, are Amped Lead Generation, LLC and Amped Database Management, LLC.

Singer/ Songwriter

As a Singer/Songwriter He Began Touring Texas by the Age of 16

and this dream took him to many hit songs on the Country, Tejano, Norteno, and Latin Pop charts as an artist or composer. He also composed the jingle for the Miller Light Campaign, “Life is Good.” His time in Nashville, on Music Row, placed him in rooms with his music heroes for a massive music education from the best writers, musicians, and producers in the world. He was at the same time going to college studying Nuclear Medicine. In college he was learning about business, organization, time management, and perseverance, which would be a big part of his overall success. He quickly signed to Arista Records, and soon after was picked up by EMI Music Nashville, as a composer, on an 8 Year contract. He would go on to tour over 28 countries, and while traveling he devoted much time to the USO and took shows to many veterans around the world with the help of his manager, Judy Seale. After moving back to Texas, he got more involved in music advocacy. After seeing the piracy of his music with the invention of YouTube, and the endless streaming companies, he began to fight for the next generation of creators. He was voted to the Board of Governors for the Grammys by his peers in 2012 and served two terms. This allowed him to visit with congressman and lobby for music rights. It quickly became a passion for him that he continues to this day.

Music Industry in the Late 90’s

When the income streams were taken away from the music industry in the late 90’s, Rick found his way into sales to supplement the income stream he was accustomed to. Always being a fan of big trucks, he began to sell them for Bill Heard Chevrolet in Nashville, TN.

He found he had a natural talent for building instant relationships with his customers, and quickly moved to the top of the leaderboard. He was promoted to management in just a few months. He would eventually become a General Sales Manager for multiple dealerships in Las Vegas, and Nashville leading the entire sales department. This sales and management training would open many doors for Rick’s future. Rick still speaks of his mentor, Brian Palmer, as the greatest business influence in his career.

After many years in the Auto Industry, Rick made a move into the Mortgage Industry. He had no idea at the time it would be the perfect match for his skill set. Doing presentations for Realtors and builders would pull in his decades of training in front of an audience. He instantly moved to the top and was promoted to management in just three short months. He would quickly open his own brokerage. The fast growth of his company led to him being recruited by JP Morgan Chase to run the Texas Region. He has now helped fund billions in mortgage transactions in multiple Regional and Divisional roles, and now is the Vice-President of Sales nationwide for a mortgage bank.

After watching Loan officers chase business from realtors for fifteen years, Rick had the rare opportunity of seeing first hand a massive lead generation effort by Google in the real estate and mortgage fronts. It was an eye-opening experience that would lead to him entering the lead generation world with Amped Lead Generation. With a goal of 4000 websites in select cities he spent two years testing campaigns on Google and Facebook. He currently has 1200 sites and is completing an average of 100 more sites per month. He invested all his time and money into his vision. He envisioned the advantage a mortgage lender would have in a market if they generated purchase business and could return this value to its Realtor partners. It would instantly bring something no other lender could offer them, instant business. He is now contracted to generate leads in multiple cities and has expanded his Lead Generation expertise into the Chronic Pain Management Industry, Insurance, and Physician care. Soon he will enter the Auto and Personal Injury Law Industries.

While Rick was attaining thousands of leads per month

with his lead generation business, he found himself struggling to keep up with the influx of business utilizing the standard CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems offered in the market. He found himself relying on two to three systems at once to provide the contact required to increase the ROI (Return on Investment). He began his search to find a system that could handle everything in one place. He eventually decided to build his own system and invested in having the Amped Database Management CRM built. It is the most innovative and real-life action CRM on the market. Rick believes the Amped system is the best, as it was created from the mind of a sales person and not a technology perspective. Each month different items are changed to better serve the needs of a sales person pounding the streets for business. It was a system he developed for his own use alone, but as people saw it in action they began asking to sign up. He now has people in Mortgage, Real Estate, Insurance, Health Care, and even Music artists using the system to manage their fan base. It is an automated customer contact system with automated Voice, Text, and email response, Broadcasting capabilities, a dialer, Voice-Drop, and reporting systems to track data. It has now become the backbone of all his business contacts in every industry he does business.

There is no telling which road Rick will take next, but with 30 years of success it would be hard to bet against him. He has taken some big hits along the way with all three industries going through a massive crash. The Music, Auto, and Mortgage Industry all experienced a reckoning. Rick says often, “A champion is not created by the strength of his fist, but in the strength of his jaw. One must be willing to not only enter the ring, but also get knocked out in the process, get back up, and start swinging again. That is a necessary ingredient needed to win.”

We welcome you to his page. We will keep the page updated with any new ventures. Please reach out if you would like more info or have any questions. Good luck and good selling!