Film Maker

THIS IS MY COUNTRY – Twin Fiddles and Accordion

The reason I wanted to make this film was to give the world an understanding of a Latino American. We are a diverse group in the U.S. from many backgrounds and cultures, but one thing we all have in common is that we are red, white, and blue even though our skin is a little tanned. We love not only this great country, but we love country music. It somehow speaks loudly to us. I presume it comes from our time in the country working the fields, the migrant workers that marched with Cesar Chavez. They were down home farmers, and rodeo cowboys. That is who we are. This album and film is a testament to who we are and what we can become. It is the beginning of a movement that I am hoping will lead to open hearts and a greater understanding of our culture and love for this country. As most ofmy family has served in the military, we are not only wanting to be a part of this nation, but we are willing to fight and die for the liberty that the flag represents. America stands for freedom, but not just a word that sits on a shelf. I am talking about freedom that lives in the heart even in dark rooms. A freedom from discrimination or prejudice over misunderstandings and differences in culture. A freedom that the founding fathers understood could be realized. ‘This Is My Country’ is a glance at that dream. In the words of the great Martin Luther King, Jr “I have a dream” is not just words. It is not just some great speech a man gave one day.

I believe he was speaking to us all. He gave us all a voice. It is time that the American Latino understands we do belong here, and we do have a right to speak our minds, to vote, and to sing loudly whatever music plays in our hearts. Whether it is to the beat of a conga, a horn section, or a steel guitar, “Sing with a loud voice.” After all you are free to speak, free to love, and you are free to do it no matter the color of your skin. Too many people have died for that right to be free for us not to take hold of the opportunity. ~ Rick Orozco